Caiya’s Blog: The Tollemachi

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The Tollemachi

Hey guys! Today, I am showing you a new species (made from my imagination) for the world of Tarune: the Tollemachi. The Tollemachi are wolf-like creatures that rome the Nortgard Mountains.


Name: Tollemachi
Habitat: Mountainous, lots of ground cover, water source
Region: Nortgard Mountains

Physical characteristics: torso (8-10 ft at the shoulder), large jaw that can crush a Redwood tree, razor sharp, X-shaped teeth, muscular legs (like a horse), large paws used for climbing, no tail.

Age range: Up to 250-300 winters old

Diet: Despite it’s large teeth, this fearsome animal eats plants. Its claws and teeth are for showing off, crushing the bark of trees and defense.


Finished! The Tollemachi is frightening, but supposedly a gentle giant. Don’t judge a book by its cover!


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