Jason’s Blog: The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft (Finale)


The Mystery of the Silverton Mineshaft (Part 3, the Finale)

Hey, hey, hey, everyone! Happy Friday!

Today is the day we discover what really happened inside the Sliverton Mineshaft and the overall motivation of Zyk.

Now last time we established who the killers were and the purpose of the murders. But why did they occur?

Over the course of the mining operation, Zyk had always mined in a different direction, away from the others in a more secluded location. He used his father’s old and rusted pickaxe to mine away at his ultimate goal, until his father stopped him. Frustrated at his father’s acts of hoarding the precious ore, Zyk killed his father with the old, rusty, pickaxe…

Zyk then decided to rob his dead father in hopes to retrieve the Orhalium. As we know now, he failed in life, but succeeded in the afterlife. But what was Zyk working on? Mining separate from the others, he was making what to most appeared as a tunnel, with a small empty and damp room at the other side. There were four major and crucial pieces of evidence that supported Zyk creation of the tunnel: the disappearance of travelers, the vanishing Necromancers within the depths of the haunted cavern, the guttural noises that roar from within the cave, and why Millen’s body miraculously disappeared. Zyk wanted to forge… a Grimward Spawning Chamber…

That is correct, a Grimward Spawning Chamber. Zyk was never able to complete his ideal goal of a separate, giant room for the hellish beings to spawn in search for the mystical energies that reside in none other than the Pride. So he compromised, and with the enhanced power of the Orhalium, made the entire mine a spawning chamber. Millen’s body was never discovered because he was the first to be fed to the darkness, to kick-start the creation of the dark army.

There you have it everyone. In a short summary, Zyk wanted to create a separate, secluded chamber to forge the armies of darkness in search of the Pride, but wasn’t able to complete his ultimate goal due to complications with Millen and his own father. He compromised and still achieved his partial goal to hunt the Pride in his spiritual from. The end…

Now that the mystery is solved from part one of this adventure, let me know what you think in the comments!

As always everyone, see ya next week!

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