Playing the waiting game.


The waiting game. It is perhaps the most difficult of any engagement. Here is the unmitigated truth – time always wins. So, we wait, trying patiently to occupy our moments until we get the notes back from the beta readers on Necromancers’ Pride – Storm of Shadows. 

As writers, especially independent ones, timelines and deadlines are crucial to success. We are our own bosses, for lack of a better word.  As such, we are beholden to ourselves to keep on track and focused. The most difficult part of any endeavor is to understand and accept that not everything is in your control. So you delegate. You assign tasks to others. You wait.

Waiting is exactly what we are doing now. Of course, we want our beta readers (who are amazing, by the way) to do their job well, so we do not rush them. But, oh, how we want to. The only silver lining to this cloud is that I know D.W. is probably pulling out what hairs he has left in his head in anxious anticipation. Delegating is not the strongest of his suits. If he could wear a million hats, he gladly would (trust me, his head is big enough – it has to be to house his enormous ego).

So, this is our stage in the process. We wait with bated breath for the return of Storm of Shadows. We are anxious to get the notes, make the changes and complete the journey of bringing book 3 in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga to you.

We will have some exciting news for you soon about the release date, along with some other surprise announcements, so stay tuned. The waiting is almost over!

How do you keep yourself occupied while waiting for something you want?

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