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Greetings, fellow travelers, we are well met on this road of adventure and discovery. I am pleased to report that work on the latest installment of the Necromancers’ Pride saga, Tides of War, is well underway and moving briskly.

It is said that an artist must sacrifice for his craft. Never has that saying held more validity than in the instance of our new novel. D.W. and I are back “in the dungeon,” as we like to call it, working on expanding and developing the world of Tarune and all of its players.

The sacrifice comes in the form of having to be subjected to hours and hours on end of D.W. He gets to be with me, so he by far has the better end of this deal. However, genius forgives many things, so I am willing to put up with him for access to his smarts.

It is amazing how much time writing is spent talking. D.W. and I discuss all facets of the world. Even after we have written a chapter, or even a complete act that we like, we painstakingly go over every facet and bit of minutia therein to ascertain whether the information we have presented is worth sharing or if it is merely well crafted info-dumping.


My advice to any author trying to get his or her world created and off the ground would be to outline your plot, then talk your outline. People say writing is a lonely pursuit (and after all this time spent with D.W., I often wish it were more so), but the fact of the matter is that writers need people. Whether those people come in the form of a developmental editor, a copy editor, a proofreader, or just a friend whose ear you bend, you must be able to share your work and receive feedback.

I, for one, am never bored or lonely when I write. I have all my friends I have created on the page there waiting for me when I lift up my computer screen. It is because D.W. and I talk so much about the world that the world is easier to envision and manifest into reality.

So venture forth, fellow travelers, in pursuit of your goals. Do not be afraid to share them, for within the sharing, magic is born.

What are you looking forward to seeing in book two? What story arcs do you find the most interesting?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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