Excerpt Wednesday


Time is our greatest of commodities. It is our most precious of gifts. Often, time escapes us, leaving us grasping at memories that slip like mist through our fingers. Ever will it test us, presenting trials that will reach to the very marrow of our beings. Time rewards and challenges us. It gives our lives meaning because our tenuous grasp on it is so finite.

Let us hope our adventurers use their time wisely.

Here is your excerpt for today. NP-symbol Though he had washed them at the stream, his hands would be forever stained by the lives he took.   To be an Oslyn meant to be true to one’s duty. 

Is this what it means to live the life of an Oslyn? He pondered.

Only time would tell if he could wear the weight of his duty as easily as he had washed the blood from his hands. 

~Necromancers’ Pride (deleted excerpts) 

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