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Greetings, fellow travelers. To give some insight into the world of Tarune and the realms and kingdoms of Necromancers’ Pride, we have decided to use Thursdays’ posts to shed light on different aspects of the world. We hope that this will enrich your reading and interactive experience with us.

So, without further ado, here is some information about the Oslyn …

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Os·lyn (noun)

  • An elite warrior class know for their combat prowess and strict mental discipline, able to harness their senses to pinpoint focus through their Heart’s Eye.

For centuries, the Oslyn have been charged with maintaining the natural order in the Universe. They were founded to be truly neutral though, over time, secular hands have caused that view of neutrality to be warped in varying degrees. However, at the heart of Oslyn training, balance still reigns supreme. Good balances evil, the seasons balance each other, life balances death and joy gives balance to pain.

The Crystal Heart of Tarune collects energy from the universe, and the people of Tarune, in turn, collect that energy.  Energy flows through all things.

Oslyn have learned to master the flow of universal energy and harness it to enhance normal human abilities. Any human can channel and store the universal energy, though it takes years of stringent discipline and practice to truly gain master over its flow. Once this storehouse of energy has been spent, though, the Oslyn must take time to connect himself or herself with the earth through meditation and replenish the internal wellspring.

“As a tree roots itself to the earth, so too must the Oslyn find his roots to the source,” is a training mantra of the Osyln novices.

To find these students, Oslyn masters scour the Known Kingdoms, searching for children with the requisite skills and life energy that could mark them as potential candidates. The children usually start their training young, spending most of their formative years with the Oslyn masters.  By the time a child completes the training, he will have become an adult, setting out into the world as a representative of Oslyn justice at anywhere from 19 to 24 winters in age.

In keeping with the duality of the world and neutrality’s place there within, the Oslyn have dedicated their training to two differing modalities of thought, the Order of Society and the Order of Nature.  Thus, the Oslyn’s Glass Tower has two distinct schools within its confines.

In our next Thursday post, we will break down the unique ideological viewpoints that separate the two Oslyn Orders. Until then, happy reading!

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