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Mark Zuckerberg Resolves to Read More Books

Well, the title says it all. Facebook’s creator has resolved to read one new book every other week for the whole of 2015. Authors and storytellers both independent and represented rejoice!! As D.W. and I embark on the final chapter in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga, we do so with an earnest and renewed sense of […]

About the Oslyn (Part II)

Greetings, fellow travelers. Last week we introduced you to some of the history behind the warrior class of Tarune known as the Oslyn. This week, we wish to continue to expanding upon your knowledge of the Oslyn by presenting to you the ideology behind the Oslyn order. Again, it is our goal to enrich your […]

About the Oslyn

Greetings, fellow travelers. To give some insight into the world of Tarune and the realms and kingdoms of Necromancers’ Pride, we have decided to use Thursdays’ posts to shed light on different aspects of the world. We hope that this will enrich your reading and interactive experience with us. So, without further ado, here is […]