Mark Zuckerberg Resolves to Read More Books

Well, the title says it all. Facebook’s creator has resolved to read one new book every other week for the whole of 2015.

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Authors and storytellers both independent and represented rejoice!!

As D.W. and I embark on the final chapter in the Necromancers’ Pride Saga, we do so with an earnest and renewed sense of excitement. When someone with the social outreach of a Mark Zuckerberg brings attention to the importance of reading, it can only mean great things for the level of discourse in society as far as literacy is concerned.

Telling stories is of utmost importance to us. Without the printed word, all that we do, all our traditions and legends, all our history is swept away into nothingness by the unceasing gale of illiterate apathy. Zuckerberg’s focus on books could inspire a renewed interest in literature. Oh, how we pray this is so. Not just because it bodes well for us as authors, but because it bodes well for society.

Mark Zuckerberg has created a dedicated page to his new resolution, his Year of Books page. In less than three days, it has gotten over 145,000 likes. Well, I for one do not like it…I LOVE it! D.W. feels the same way.

So, Mr. Zuckerberg, from two authors who are working hard to fight illiteracy by creating a world of adventure and magic into which curious minds might delve and discover the joy of reading, let me say a resounding THANK YOU! Thank you for shifting the focus onto reading, our greatest of skill sets.

By the way, we have a suggestion for three books that can occupy six weeks of your time…with number four on the way!

CLICK HERE if you would like to read the full article on which this post is based and CLICK HERE if you would like to start reading the Necromancers’ Pride saga.

What do you think of Mark Zuckerberg’s New Year’s resolution?

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