About the Oslyn (Part II)

Greetings, fellow travelers. Last week we introduced you to some of the history behind the warrior class of Tarune known as the Oslyn. This week, we wish to continue to expanding upon your knowledge of the Oslyn by presenting to you the ideology behind the Oslyn order. Again, it is our goal to enrich your reading and interactive experience with us.

Read on and good travels …

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Os·lyn (noun)

  • An elite warrior class know for their combat prowess and strict mental discipline, able to harness their senses to pinpoint focus through their Heart’s Eye.

In keeping with the duality of the world and neutrality’s place there within, the Oslyn have dedicated their training to two differing modalities of thought, the Order of Society and the Order of Nature. Below are a thumbnail of the tenants of each order, both are similar, and yet have distinctions that differentiate them from the other. Thus, the Oslyn’s Glass Tower has two distinct schools within its confines.

Order of Nature

  • Order is harmony with nature; man’s instinct is to be cohesive with others
  • Truth is being truthful to oneself
  • The needs of the many outweigh the needs of one
  • Survival of fittest, yet protection of the weakest
  • Live within nature, don’t destroy it
  • Only take what you need to survive

Order of Society

  • Respect an elder’s word as law
  • Be true to every race
  • Law over the lawless
  • Nature must be protected, as it is a tool for the betterment of man
  • One will can make a difference
  • Harmony is bringing order to nature

Here are other tenants true for the Orders of Oslyn. Some fall within the philosophies of each Order, while others belong to one specifically.

Humanity – (Society, Nature)

  • Do unto others, as you would have them do unto you
  • Answer hatred with justice, love with benevolence
  • Be kindly to all, but close to those with virtue
  • Self respect
  • Man is by nature good
  • Look at your faults not others

Honor – (Society, Nature)

  • Poised, confident, competent
  • Heart-character-home-nation-world
  • A true warrior does not look to be recognized by others, a true warrior looks to recognize others
  • Practice what you preach
  • If you look into your heart and find nothing wrong, there is nothing to fear
  • A warrior without virtue cannot handle adversity or happiness

Propriety- (Society)

  • Strict respect toward elders
  • Importance of names
  • Strict roles in society
  • Keep balance in all things, both pride and pleasure
  • The truth is always told
  • A knowledgeable man realizes he knows nothing
  • Duty first, success second

Power- (Society)

  • Good of society outweighs the good of the one
  • Nature must be ruled, but ruled with fairness
  • Rule with consent
  • The quick and easy paths do not lead to ultimate greatness

Aesthetic- (Nature)

  • Strive for perfection, be content with sincere effort
  • Embrace the beauty of every living energy
  • Balance is constant change
  • Empathy, not apathy

In our next Thursday post, we will delve into other aspects of the world of Necromancers’ Pride – Quest for Elderstone.

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