BETA READER’S get ready!


Edits, drafts, rewrites and more drafts. That is right, fellow readers, book 3 of the Necromancers’ Pride Saga – Storm of Shadows is now into rewrite mode!!! Next step, Beta Readers wanted. Yup, we are almost there. Sooooooo exciting.

It has been an incredible journey, thus far, in creating and building the world of Tarune. Reviews are coming in, and people are falling in love with the world, its locales and its characters. D.W. and I are driven to make book 3 the best we can. To that end, we are heading back to work. As I said earlier, the rewriting fun is underway.

However, building the world forward has made me nostalgic for the past. As such, I wanted to present to you an excerpt from book 1, Quest for Elderstone. After all, you can never move forward, if you don’t take them time to appreciate where you’ve been. Happy reading.


The usage of magic was strictly prohibited in the Weaver’ Guild.  Even the slightest inkling of magical ability was cause for immediate dismissal.  Weavers felt that the Schools of the Magi held too much influence on those who possessed magical abilities.  If the Magi learned how to sing the wind, what use would there be for Weavers, outside of being entertainers?  The Weavers held their skills as closely kept as did any of the Strands of the Magi.

That had been one of the reasons that she had left the Guild so abruptly, faking delusions and insanity.  If people thought her eccentric, they tended to leave her alone.  She was alone now, alone to practice her magics without fear of discovery.  With a touch of melancholy, she wondered how all those she had cut out of her life had faired in theirs.  

She laughed, in spite of herself, shaking away the doldrums.  She had chosen this life.  It was hers now.  Listless thoughts about the life she had left behind truly were the grumblings of a delusional old hag.  Well, if I am insane, She thought, smiling.  At least I am too crazy to know it.  

Necromancers’ Pride ~ Quest for Elderstone

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