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Caiya’s Blog: Getting Interested

How to get people interested? In websites? In book series? In restaurants? Here are a few answers to help: -keep updating Not every minute of every day, just enough to show your viewers you care, and you are active. For example, if we were in the Known Kingdoms, updating would be like a Magus working to master a new […]

Caiya’s Blog: Priders

Fan Name I think every book, movie, game, and form of intertwining has a fan name. Like the people who play Minecraft are the “Minecrafters,” the people who are fans of Harry Potter are the “Potterheads,” and the people who like the Percy Jackson Series are the “Halfbloods.” I think NP should have one. Like: […]

Getting things done.

Fitting it all in. It can be a difficult prospect, especially in an artistic endeavor like writting, most especially when you are independent and have to be your own boss. As you prepare to bring your creation to the masses – a prospect that can be nerve wracking all on its own – you must […]