Tarune: The Known Kingdoms



The world of Necromancers’ Pride is on the planet of Tarune. The Necromancers’ Pride Saga itself takes place in the Known Kingdoms.

The Known Kingdoms are defined as those countries, principalities and territories that lie west of the Great Rift. The Rift itself is a scar torn into the fabric of magic and time, gashed into the Kyldsong Mountain Range in the Battle of the Mourning Night, the final battle of the last Caredon Cycle. The Magics do not work properly there, and dark creatures lurk in its wake. The Kyldsong Mountains were already known for their extreme and hazardous terrain. With the added dangers of the Great Rift, they have become virtually impassable. As such, contact with the mighty Therak’onian Empire has been completely cut off. The fact that the power of Therak’onia is relegated to the east of the Great Rift sits quite well with the nobility of the bordering kingdoms west of the Rift of Sorilan, Daldra and Medioc.

Technically, the country of Lyndria falls to the east of the Great Rift and is bordered to the north by the deadly and freezing Circle of Ice. However, there is a small stretch of land between the rift and the frozen northern mountains of the Circle of Ice that allows limited access to Lyndria. However, since Lyndria is a conquered territory of Therak’onia, contact with the Lyndrians is severly limited, if at all.

The vast Charid Ocean lies to the south of the Known Kingdoms. The powerful and often violent Stellid Ocean stretches to the west. The frozen Circle of Ice to the northeast and the wide-ranging Nortgard Mountains border the northernmost reaches of the Known Kingdoms. The beautiful tropical locales of the Talustrian Isles mark the westernmost reaches of the Known Kingdoms. In future posts, we will delve into the individual Kingdoms that make up the world of Necromancers’ Pride.

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