Tips for Motivated Dreaming

Staying motivated is a tough prospect, sometimes. We all want success, but when it doesn’t come on our timeline, we tend to get very discouraged. It is in those moments of discouragement that we must keep going. It is in those moments that the true seeds for success are planted and take root.

Baseball has the “dog days of summer.” You know the ones, those days when the season just grinds along, with no seeming end in sight. It is easy to lose motivation in the “dog days” of your life. I want to let you know that on this random Tuesday, with no elections or communal events of relevance to bind us, it is important to keep your eyes on whatever prize it is you seek.


Here are a couple of motivational tips for you:

  1. Remember that you are in control of your success. Your attitude defines you. Take a moment to look in the mirror, go back to neutral and tell yourself that you have worth and purpose. You are ultimately in control of you. Believe in you to achieve for you.
  2. Neutralize negative triggers and people. Don’t let exterior forces lay you low. If you let traffic get to you before your big meeting, then you are giving the traffic all of the power, effectively removing your focus on what is truly important. Traffic is the negative trigger. Everything can be a trigger for negativity, if you allow it. Look to the good, not the bad. Some people will want to see you stumble and fall. If you get a negative response repeatedly from someone, then it is time to clear them from your life. You have a choice, choose to be positive.
  3. Adopt a positive vocabulary. Words like “hate” and “can’t” will only bring you down. Tell yourself you can’t a dozen times during the course of the day and, you know what, you’re right. We respond to what we hear…especially from ourselves. Be aware of what you say to yourself, find patterns of negativity that you can change, then resolve to do just that. It is amazing how a little positive self-actualization can change your entire perspective.

Try implementing these tips as you go through the day. Trust me, you will see huge returns in your confidence, which in turn will lead to a more motivated and successful state of being.

Now, here’s your quote of the day:

To hell with the circumstances; I create opportunities.

~ Bruce Lee

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