What influences our combat?


I have often been asked what D.W. and I use as sources of inspiration. There are myriad different places from which we draw our creative energies. Relationships, past experiences and interactions all play a part in how we formulate our creation of the world of Necromancers’ Pride.

We have received some very nice complements on our depictions of fight sequences. In terms of inspiration, our sequences are definitely influenced by my years of training Pyong An Do Wan Kung Fu (thank you, Grandmaster Steve Pisa, I bow in respect). It has also been influenced by D.W.’s experience growing up on the mean streets of D.C. Now, I don’t know how mean they actually were, but there’s no need to burst D.W.’s bubble.

Today, we wanted to give you a deleted excerpt that demonstrates the influence of martial arts in our lives and how it translates to the world of Tarune. Happy reading.


Corwyn shook concern from his mind and began his morning forms. Every day, he would spend some time working through the fighting techniques that he had learned and mastered at the Glass Tower. He began by assuming a wide stance, toes pointed forward and knees bent as he lowered into a squat. His arms moved in concentric, opposing circles, one to the other. As he moved, he began shifting his weight on each leg. He would sink into his stance and then explode upward with a watery fluidity. 

In this way, he continued moving from one position to the next. His arms moved in elevating and descending motions, simulating strikes and blocks. Soon, he began his feet moving in circular patterns, dancing across the ground in a rhythmic gambol of feigned combat. His weight was distributed perfectly, his timing and form solid and sure. His body fluidly moved through these prearranged sets of maneuvers, his mind clear and focused.

He continued his movements, now filled with more powerful techniques. As his body continued to warm, he sensed something on the periphery of his consciousness. 

Stopping abruptly, Corwyn drew Taryn and took a ready stance, the blade held at mid-guard in front of him. Reaching out into the forest through his Heart’s Eye, he sensed the presence of something approaching.

Necromancers’ Pride ~ Deleted Excerpt

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