Account Ability

I had to admonish my daughter yesterday. It wasn’t pretty. It really sort of broke my heart. Now, I’m not going to say that I was right and she deserved it … though I was and she did, but I still felt badly about it afterward. As a parent, there is no preparation for those toughest of moments. Poopy diapers … no problem. Skinned knees … bring ’em on. Discipline in the face of tears … yeah, not so gung-ho about that one. Still, accountability needs to be maintained. When you do something wrong, you need to be accountable for your actions.

It got me to looking at what I am doing in my own life. In my personal life, I have my wife to keep me accountable (believe me, she has a Ph.D. in that). Love you, honey!

Outside of home, though, am I being accountable in what I am doing to move Necromancers’ Pride forward? We all need to take stock from time to time to evaluate where we are with our endeavors, especially when those endeavors require that we be our own bosses. Fortunately, I have a partner who keeps me accountable in that regard. Trust me, D.W. is not the type of person who allows any kind of shirking of responsibility. In fact, he makes taking people to task a bit of an art form. I was once late on delivering a page count that I had set for myself. I would like to share with you his motivational tools to keep me held to account.

D.W.: “Hey, a*s clown. Quite *ucking around. Where are my pages *other-trucker?”


Now, one needs only be called a “*other-trucker” by D.W. once to feel the lasting effects, trust me. Though his methods may be about as refined as a butcher performing open-heart surgery, they certainly are effective.  They held me to account. Which leads me to my point, we all have to be accountable to someone. Whether we write, paint, act, build websites, teach Kung Fu or proceed in any profession, we need someone to keep us to task. That translates to a better bottom line, fuller coffers and a successful venture.

Accountability in your work means more account ability from your work. Account ability being the ability your bank account has to provide you with the things you want.

Now, I still feel badly about having to admonish my daughter. However, the lesson of understanding that we are responsible for what we say and do is one well taught. It is a lesson not reserved for the young, though. It is a lesson we must constantly relearn throughout our lives.

Who do you have in your life that keeps you accountable and staying on task? How do you keep yourself committed to staying on the path of successfully completing the jobs you assign yourself?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

NP-symbolHis senses were now on full alert as he watched this unique woman lying still by the light of the fire. He hoped the old woman at the gully had placed her faith in the right man.  Whether he was ready or not, he knew that this, now, was his duty. What haunted him was whether he could actually see her to safety?

~Necromancers’ Pride (deleted excerpt)

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