Caiya’s Blog: Casting – Velladriana

Hi guys! I’ve been thinking that, well, what would happen if all those Necromancers’ Pride characters were real people?

Like all books made into movies, you have to have an actor or actress that can portray and look like the characters. We already have cartoon and realism drawings of them, but what about real life?

Okay, here is my first choice for one of the starring roles.

Grace Phipps

Grace is a beautiful and talented actress, and with those stunning blue eyes, she would make a great Velladriana.

I know this will definitely be made into a movie one day, so I chose a few actors and actresses that I like! I would love to meet the cast (maybe help direct… 😉 )!  More actors, actresses, and all sorts of great stuff coming soon!

Stay posted!

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