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Mysterious creatures abound in the pages of fantasy fiction. Literature is full of fanciful creations that both frighten and amaze. On Earth, dragons, dwarfs, pixies and elves, to name but a few, have stories told about them that are legend. They are creatures oft spoken of, yet never seen (at least, I have unfortunately not seen any recently).

So too, on the world of Tarune, will you find creatures not seen on this world. In the kingdoms of Necromancers’ Pride, however, they do indeed exist. Below are just a few of the creatures you have read about in Quest for Elderstone.

Be careful, wary traveller, lest you should cross their paths unprepared.


Banderghal:  A large, ape-like creature whose face and maw are similar to that of a baboon, but whose body is the size and build of a lowland mountain gorilla.  Living in colder climates, they are found, among other habitats, deep within the mountains of the Nortgard Forest.

Griffox:  A huge bird-like creature of immense intelligence capable of carrying a multitude of riders on its back.  Thriving in colder regions, their numbers have greatly diminished over the years, now their appearance is rare.

Horen:  Large, rat-like creatures with thick armored hides of coarse hair.  As large as wolves, they can be found in the harshest of climates.  From desert heat to glacial frost, these large creatures hunt in packs and will readily kill, as well as scavenge on carrion.  Their wriggling nasal appendages can smell prey from miles away.

What interesting creatures would you like to see stalking the landscape of Tarune?

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