Emotion Road Trip

I’m at the car dealership today, getting an oil change. It is funny how little things prove to be setbacks in moving us forward. The smallest of stumbling blocks can turn into huge, insurmountable walls against progress, if we allow them.

Living in LA, lack of transportation truly puts progress into perspective. What we are, who we see and where we go are all dependent upon our ability to be mobile. Hey, I even try to bum a ride from my porch to my driveway.

I say this to say, since I currently have time on my hands, it is important for us to maintain a state of emotional mobility, as well. In fantasy, we delve into realms that are unique, varied and as far from normal as Star Fleet is from the Galactic Empire.

Sidebar: Dec. 16th is right around the corner!

In order for us to be viable and create these fantasy worlds, we need to have vehicles that allow for our freedom of expression and movement of emotionality. That is emotional mobility. The ability to dance from one intrinsic state of focus to another while keeping a grip on the consistencies of the human condition that bind us.

Our emotions need to flow. However, that flow needs to make sense. When dealing in a fantasy world, sometimes the only commonality to be shared with this reality is the way the characters are interacting emotionally in their world. Most of us don’t know what it is like to face off with a snarling basilisk, but we do know fear, gut wrenching, heart pounding fear.

Sidebar: If you do have first hand knowledge of basilisk fighting, please reach out to me!

Keep yourself open to navigating the emotional ocean. Be open to thinking less and feeling more. Give yourself license to try different vehicles for experiencing emotional truth. Look at the world through different eyes. perspective changes viability.

As I sit, waiting for my car, I am reminded that there are many ways to get to where we are going. Part of the journey is in exploring the different means of getting there.

Here’s your quote of the day:

Your intellect may be confused, but your emotions will never lie to you.

~Roger Ebert

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