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Inspiration and Eggnog

I had a wonderful experience, last night. I was in a room full of brilliant, talented artists. It was an eventĀ filled with storytellers: actors, directors and writers. It was an invigorating, energizing experience. Now, in a room full of great storytellers, sometimes it is hard to get a word in edgewise, but you just have […]

Emotion Road Trip

I’m at the car dealership today, getting an oil change. It is funny how little things prove to be setbacks in moving us forward. The smallest of stumbling blocks can turn into huge, insurmountable walls against progress, if we allow them. Living in LA, lack of transportation truly puts progress into perspective. What we are, […]

Do your characters have emotion?

I was with a friend this weekend who asked me what kinds of things I look for in creating a story. “All kinds of things,” I responded. “It really just depends on what moves me at the time.” We were at a park with a beautiful lake. It was warm, with a breeze that modulated […]