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Cult Followers: The Whisperers

Hello Everyone! Happy Friday!

If I were to create a cult in the vast and diverse world of Tarune, I’d want to make it as creepy as possible. He he he…

Meet The Whisperers.

These demented, zealous cult members strive to convert people to Necromantic worship. This cult originated in Aldara and has stemmed out to the other Known Kingdoms. They reside as an underground splinter group who idolize the Necromancers and those on the periphery of the dark Magi. As weaker Magi gifted with the Life Spark in the School of the Soul, they practice darker magics than most people think about. But they are not normal, they have hidden lore and twisted ideals to serve their dark Magi lords.

Read if you dare…

This cult’s name suits the members in the cult too. “The Whisperers” is a title they have embodied because they have no mouths.

How is this possible?

When a person decides to become a Whisperer, they must endure the excruciatingly painful, tortuous process of losing their mouths. This process uses a spell only reserved for their cult, they burn the person’s mouth off with intense magical friction and power. This is a tribute to the undead they worship. In Whisperer texts, it was said that these hellish beings had no mouths or external pathways to communicate.

But how do they talk without a mouth?

They don’t.

They communicate through the vibrance of the magics around them using magical signals. Just as their undead leaders did.

They don’t have as big an influence as the Necromancers do, but they are a force unto themselves.

SIDE NOTE: This concludes this week’s blog! Thank you so much for reading! I love to share my ideas for the wonderful, vast, and extraordinary world of Necromancers’ Pride. Creating allows me to be free and restful in what I like to do. So…

As always everyone, see ya next week!

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