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Happy Halloween!!

Ghosts and ghouls of every age, come and welcome to our new page! Happy Halloween all of you magical spooks and specters. It feels SO good to be back. We have taken some time, disappeared back into our mist shrouded forests, hidden glens and isolated castles, and emerged reborn and reinvented. Welcome to the Shield […]

Tale of the Shadow King Finale

Blog – Tale of the Shadow King (Finale) Hello Everyone! Welcome Back! Without further ado, lets jump into the finale of the Tale of the Shadow King! Disclaimer: This story is meant solely as my fictional take on the history of the world of Necromancers’ Pride and is not to be taken as canon. One […]

5 ways to keep the PASSION fires burning!

So, the World Cup is over. Germany is the champion of the world. It is amazing to see nations spanning the globe coming together in support of their teams. Every four years the teams meet in this arena and do battle on the pitch. It is a huge spectacle, even becoming one hear in America. […]