Dreams … do come true

It is an exciting time. The holidays are here, we know that because one of our local stations is playing holiday music 24/7 (hey, that sounds familiar). There is a chill in the air (it got down to nearly 70 here in L.A. burrrr). I feel an overall excitement in the energy of the day. For D.W. and me, it is about far more than decking the halls and gorging ourselves on fantastic food (although, there will be PLENTY of that, trust me).

This excitement comes from the realization of a dream. It is a dream that is long in the making. Just like most dreams, it almost remained nothing more than a fanciful thought. Writing a novel. I know a lot of people who are writers. Living in Los Angeles, how could I not? In order to move into a place around here, you need to deposit first month, last month and submit draft one of a screenplay. So, I know writers. However, knowing one and being one are two entirely different beasts. Writing takes time, effort, tears, laughter and sweat. Yes, sweat. You try sitting in a faux-leather knock-off chair for six to seven hours a day in the middle of summer and tell me if a rivulet of sweat or two don’t trickle down your backside.

It is work to write. However, that work is so worth it. Now, months later, we have Necromancers’ Pride – Quest for Elderstone about to be released. January 2014 cannot arrive soon enough for us. We both dreamed of writing not only a novel, but a series of novels. We both are totally enamored by the fantasy genre and the characters that live there. That is the greatest of things, that we are creating something that we love. It is an added bonus that now, through this blog, we get to share this process with you.


I never really considered myself a blogger. In point of fact, I still don’t. However, it is a lot of fun to be able to share this journey. It really is true, the more people you can include in what you do, the more pleasure you will derive from it. D.W. and I have read many works of fantasy. So, to be able to complete a work in a genre that we love fills us with such pride. Now, is there a degree of trepidation? Sure. Is there a nervousness about how it will be received? Without a doubt. Along with those feelings and concerns, though, is a great sense of accomplishment.

The thing about dreams is, they are easy to have, much harder to have come true. Our dream is a reality now! That is why this holiday season holds so much excitement.

What are you excited about this holiday season? What dreams and accomplishments do you see coming true in the near future?

This is your community. We want to hear from you.

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