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The definition of COURAGE.

Logan and I want to break down for you what it means to have courage. What jobs require courage? We’ve got you covered. What does it mean to be a hero? Well, to answer that, we will introduce you to the bravest, most courageous boy we know. He’s fighting cancer…and winning. Ladies and gentlemen, introducing…COOPER! […]

What strikes you as inspiring?

What inspires you to move forward? Inspiration is a matter of moments. That sudden, giddy rush of clarity that lets you see the next step in your plan is an amazing sensation. It needn’t be straightforward, either. Looking at a picturesque sunset at your favorite beach can unlock the doors to the perfect conclusion to […]

PROviding a PROtagonist

The first Friday of the new year. Time certainly has not slowed in 2014, that is for sure. Everything is moving forward at full speed. For some, the lethargy of the long holiday break is starting to wear off, with the preparation for returning to work now just a weekend away. For us, though, lethargy […]

Time o’ give me time

Time. It seems that it, like our vacations, is always in short supply. It is strange, because I so often feel like I have somehow been cheated out of a few hours. I know I am supposed to get 24, yet strangely, I always seem to run out of day at the end of my […]

Dreams … do come true

It is an exciting time. The holidays are here, we know that because one of our local stations is playing holiday music 24/7 (hey, that sounds familiar). There is a chill in the air (it got down to nearly 70 here in L.A. burrrr). I feel an overall excitement in the energy of the day. […]