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5 tips to beat PROCRASTINATION.

Procrastination is a killer. Remember that Saturday morning when you were 11 and dad told you to go wash the car? As soon as it was done you’d get to go to the movies. Well, the sun set on that Saturday. Dirty car = no movies. Or how about we flash forward to high school, […]

Four tips to help you SUCCEED!

Happy back to work/school everyone. I know many of you have already gone back to the office or back to class, but Labor Day has traditionally marked the end of summer. So, in keeping with that time honored tradition, I wanted to take this opportunity to give some tips to jumping back in and attacking […]

Goodness in…goodness out

I was chatting with someone the other day who was very complimentary in regards to my accomplishments. She was very happy for the success of Necromancers’ Pride (as am I). She wanted to know how I kept my energy positive in pursuing an endeavor such as writing, where the outcome is so uncertain and success […]

State of your Union

Where are we? What is going on within our lives? How can we cut through the fear, doubt and nervousness and find the best part of ourselves? It is that part, the creative, wondrous, childlike part that serves as the catalyst for our journey into creativity and inventiveness. Are you doing all you can to […]

It’s About Quality Control

This is a very exiting week. Though the release of the novel will not be until January 2014, we have ┬ásomething special for everyone coming up this Thursday, December 5. What? Well, I cannot tell you yet. It would ruin the surprise. We feel it will be well worth your while, though, so stick around. […]